If your skin feels tight, rough, flaky or itchy, it’s likely that it’s experiencing dryness and is begging for a hit of moisture. Thankfully, dry skin can be brought back to life with nourishment-led skincare routine that delivers moisturising ingredients and protects from future dryness. Cemôy Australia Skincare offers a selection of skincare products for dry skin that will restore and renew it.

What causes dry skin?

There are a multitude of reasons why your skin might be dry. If you find your skin is on the drier side during winter, you’re not alone. It’s common for people to experience dry skin in cooler months because of the cold winds, hot heaters, and low humidity.  

It’s also possible that your skin is naturally on the drier side, compared to those with normal, oily or combination skin types. Genetics, hormones and lifestyle factors play a large role in determining your skin type, which impacts how much oil (sebum) your skin produces, dictating the best skincare routine for your needs. Your skin continually produces oil to help seal in moisture, so if your skin isn’t making enough, it can affect how moisturised your skin is.

Additionally, your skin’s moisture barrier protects your skin (and whole body) by constructing a physical shield that keeps the outside world, out. If your moisture barrier is compromised, it can impact how well your skin retains moisture, leading to dryness.

Whatever the reason is for your skin feeling a little arid, the best skincare routine for dry skin should work to rebuild your moisture barrier.

What are the best products for dry skin?

Choose skincare products that are loaded with hydrating and moisturising ingredients. A lightweight moisturiser that contains nourishing jojoba oil and shea butter, such as The Lotion , will sink into the skin quickly and provide lasting nourishment.

For more intense hydration, a thick and rich moisturiser like The Cream , soothes the skin while preventing dryness. Look for products that are loaded with ceramides, which will help strengthen your moisture barrier.

For quick pick-me-ups, sheet masks instantly soothe and re-hydrate thirsty skin. They seal in hydrating ingredients while the sheet rests on your skin, like Marine Boost Collagen Face Mask . After sheet masks are removed, they leave behind essence which can be pressed into the skin for long-lasting moisturisation, like Hydra Ampoule Face Mask .

How can you incorporate more moisture into your skincare routine ?

If you’re dreaming of achieving dewier, plumper skin, you’ll need to introduce different kinds of moisturising ingredients into your skincare routine:  

  • Emollients, which soften the skin (e.g. vitamin E and jojoba oil)
  • Occlusives, which bind moisture to the skin and prevent evaporation (e.g. rich oils, butters and waxes),
  • Humectants, which attract moisture from the air and draw it into your skin (e.g. hyaluronic acid and glycerin).

By combatting dryness with all three kinds of moisturization, dry skin will soon be a distant memory: enter refreshed, satin-soft skin.

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