CEMÔY is more than skincare. We are the creator and designer of beauty. Ever aspect is considered, countless hours of conceptualisation, research and imagination is input to ensure works of art are created. The feeling of luxury, the realising of dreams and the experience of entering a dreamworld is encompassed in every aspect of CEMÔY. Experience it first hand with our virtual gallery, ( cemoy.com/gallery ) where you will be enchanted by what is on show.

The Gallery of CEMÔY came to fruition through the belief that every experience, product and design tells a unique and significant story. These stories are transformed into artworks that will captivate the viewer and open up a whole new world for all to understand and appreciate.

The concept that beauty is an aesthetic that inspires is the driving force behind the vision of CEMÔY’s team of creatives for this exhibition. The dedication that goes into the art is paramount, understanding the importance of appreciating the process and craftsmanship and continuously be influenced by the beauty in the style and details.

CEMÔY turns to its roots to seek inspiration. The Australian landscape is filled with many wonders, from the unique and intriguing faunas to the enchanting botanicals. Each living species holds a great significance in the narrative our designers aspires to illustrate.

When it comes to the imagination there are no limits and we take advantage of that to highlight the forever evolving world of botany. We delve into all forms of botanics and search for diversity and the most peculiar and when that is not enough, our team incorporates elements of creativity and imagination to take it to a whole different level. The botanicals hypnotic beauty is carefully studied and captured in every drawing, brushstroke, colour and composition.

By now you can tell the recurring theme and pivotal subject matter of CEMÔY is Mother Nature. Whether it be the core ingredient or the star of the works of art, the realisation and alluring charm of nature itself takes precedence. It is a great teacher, constantly calming and healing the mind, body and soul. Nature is a treasure, valuable and priceless and at CEMÔY we seek to discover, uncover and understand its value and worth.

We never limit ourselves, we push the boundaries and wander further. The challenges motivates and inspires, whether it be to defy gravity or take the tests on the effects of passing time. The world of science and nature opens up doors of opportunities and encourages its mysteries to be researched and uncovered. These ideas, and concepts are the essence and force that have been translated into the works of art forming the foundation of the gallery and exhibition.

Holding high regards and the recognition of the importance in creating, this virtual gallery seeks to begin a dialogue between art and aesthetic and how it continues to inspire. The beauty of intricate craftsmanship where every step of the process is meticulously designed and considered, at the same time instilling a ritualistic skincare experience ensures a gradual and fulfilling journey of beauty. The Gallery of CEMÔY allows you to freely explore the world of creativity and be witness to the symbiosis of art and beauty.