‘Ageing gracefully’ is a term that’s often thrown around when speaking about beauty over a certain age – but what does it even really mean?

Beauty Heaven believes ageing gracefully is more of a mindset than elements of appearance. Gracefulness comes simply from embracing the lines and signs that come with a life well-lived and accepting that your body and face will change as time goes on. But that doesn’t mean it should be any less loved.

Looking good so often translates to feeling good, so we’re all for getting that Botox covering those greys  and switching up your makeup if that's what  you  want to do. If it means you’ll feel 10/10 when you look in the mirror, then who’s to say there’s anything wrong with it?

Check out Beauty Heaven’s best tips and products for ‘ageing gracefully’ – including the award-winning CEMOY Inception Sleeping Cream & Mask , which is perfect for locking in moisture while you rest.  

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